The glow plugs were checked and are ok. As i tried to drive the glow plug light came on and off intermitantly, I stopped for an hour but because the van was cold it would fire but not start, The breakdown guy came and put a fault finding machine on the van and it came up with egr fault and glow plug fault. If so, have you changed out any of these? I have two fault codes. Stuttering on pick up from traffic lights etc. I've changed a waste gate actuator valve on a 1.9 Vivaro (Trafic in disguise) before,that van had the management light on and was 'flat as a pancake' to drive before the valve was replaced.The Turbo Boost pressure sensor (also known as a MAP sensor) has one small hose running to it,the wastegate actuator has two pipes.The two items are next to one another. It's not too uncommon to find mechanics who will do that so don't settle for one that tells you you have to pay for everything just to try it. My car has the symptoms of revving up very poor and losing power on thrust when "cold" i think and it has been a problem that turns up now and then, the car autorevs by itself when i push the clutch down. I did what you told and it work perfect. Well, I hope this article helped. I am interested in cars and do my own repairs where I can. I was recovered home and took the egr out and cleaned it but same issue, tuned it 180 degrees but same issue. Changed the MAF sensor yesterday (pattern part from Eurocarparts) at a cost of £76 and took about half an hour to fit. i have a 2008 vivaro with 2.0cdti engine and sometimes splutters when driving and when under load going up hills etc chugs sometimes and once the red engine man light has came on and went off? I understand that the MAF can be replaced by a diode on the plug. I am just approaching the 1000 mile marker since last having the MAF Sensor changed for number 4! so the fault must be some kind of malfunction in electrics/sensor, if it was mechanical surely the engine would need to be running for the ECU to identify the problem? Would faulty glow plugs cause these problems? Are you able to change the oil on primastar without removing the big plastic undercover? I say this seems heat related as in last winter in cold months the van behaved . I couldn't easily get the camera to the one on the left as it's a bit obscured, but it's not tough to find. Close-up view of the mass airflow sensor. Their standards of service are such that I don't beleive a word they say. Email This BlogThis! Further to my 2004 Nissan Primastar problem. If the MAP sensor is failing or broken, the ECM — and thus, the engine — can't function properly. Let's find out. running for afew days. Ref. 15 items. Recent problem with Traffic 58plate. MASS AIR FLOW METER SENSOR MAF FOR RENAULT MASTER TRAFIC TRAFFIC 5WK9620Z, 5WK9620, 77 00 109 812,7700109812, US $ 1 - 50 / Piece, Renault, TRAFIC II Box (FL), TRAFIC II Bus (JL), 2001-, 2001-.Source from Ningde Go-World Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. on I used everything from ozone to car deodorizer bombs, pet odor eliminators, canisters, vent clips, sprays, syringes, liquids and fresh air. Great information and thanks. Buy a genuine Renault sensor there only £27.00. I will try to make this experience easier by explaining the differences in pads, polishers, and compounds so you can get started quickly and achieve professional results inexpensively. I have 62 reg Primastar 1.9dci. Because the EGR is not used now .. the MAF is also not needed anymore. If you're just replacing the unit, then undo the two screws, attach the new MAF to the airbox and refit. The first resistor (RT) is a temperature sensor and measures the air temperature. The mass airflow meter is an air flow sensor, also known as a MAF sensor and is an integral component of a vehicle’s electric engine management system. Any help to this would be gratefully accepted. after telling all this to another mechanic he said to change the engine harness which I did and now I am showing the cam position sensor fault which I can't seem to get rid of and it still won't start. This seems to be linked to heat ! Sounds like the tank is full of crap swilling around in there. Would be amazing if you did a glowplug change guide too! English French German Italian Russian Spanish Portuguese Dutch Greek Japanese Korean Arabic … Topic Options. The ECM utilises the MAF sensor output signal to precisely schedule fuel injection, creating an optimal air-fuel ratio. The combination of these two things will make it purr like a kitten. my primastar now runs like new with very smooth acceleration . I have also written another article on cleaning or blanking off your exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR valve). There are only two screws holding it in, which you can see in the photo below. Buy Map Sensor for RENAULT Trafic III Van (FG) cheap online. A problem with the Mass Air Flow sensor often causes the “check engine” or “service engine soon” light in the vehicle instrument panel to illuminate. Symptoms of an unhappy MAF sensor might include . been looking on line, can get a renault mass air flow sensor for 35 quid, just wondering if any 1 has replaced 1 and is it an easyish job i could do my self! Where is this boost pressure sensor please? There are other things that can go wrong with these vans that can affect the running, but as the MAF is a pretty easy fix that often solves a lot of problems, it's a good starting point. Je n'ai qu'une confiance très limitée pour les garagistes Renault aux alentours, alors vos … Air Flow Meter for RENAULT TRAFIC ( 85 ) Filter A Mass Airflow (MAF) sensor, also known as an “air meter,” measures the air coming into the intake system and transmits this information to the ECM. Hi We have Renault master 2.3 2012 engine failed to start , brake warning on dash , i assume front pads are worn and has activated the sensor, is it normal for this to shut down engine some advice would be appreciated. Thanks for your comment. Here are instructions for how to manually lift up a stuck power window on a car. Hi,mines the same,when I disconnected the wires to the maf it runs perfect,but comes up with check emissions and spanner ligh Ron. The MAF is fairly clean looking, so a real puzzle???? Cleaned Maf and EGR reconnected now my Vivaro wont start any ideas, Thanks in advance. I have to turn the engine over longer for it to fire up. The hot wire MAF has two sensing wires. MAF sensors can be installed in two ways: as a complete unit, including the flow tube, or as a probe-only design, which provides a greener, more cost-effective and often faster option. Best guide on the entire www on Renault Traffic. Can you add any help or knowledge if it is a simply problem. Then the van was forever going into limp mode whilst going up hills, this fault fixed its self for a short time but came back with a vengeance and wouldn't start but now was showing cam position sensor fault which I changed and then was showing crankshaft sensor fault. There are several designs of MAF sensors, but the most common by far is the hot wire MAF sensor. On all of these, the MAF sensor is in line with the pipe that feeds the air into the engine (it has to be as it is measuring the air going in after all! It was almost embarrassing going uphill ! So was on my way to my first job this morning when my traffic van decided to run really slow on low revs, pulled over and decided to Google what might be the problem and found this post. You can do a camshaft position sensor test using a digital multimeter at home and, if necessary, using a few common tools. There are some common symptoms which occur when the MAF sensor gets damaged and we will discuss them here. 1. It is installed in the intake pipe between the air filter housing and the intake manifold. Dipping the clutch when it happens doesn't cause it to rev as you'd expect. I had a diagnostic run on it (not by Nissan themselves but a reputable place none the less) and they told me that the Air Mass Meter and the IAT - Intake Air Temperature sensor are both non working. Got a renault trafic at the moment, started having issues with throttle response, mainly when starting warm, tracked the … One is 1826 which I believe to be a fault with the glow plug relay and the other is 1804 which is the boost pressure sensor. thanks again. Further to my van problem. Vauxhall Vivaro Renault Trafic 2.0 CDTi 2007-2014 ABS Wiring Loom (Fits: Renault Trafic) £30.00. £4.95 postage . Like I said, the Opel/Vauxhall Vivaro and the Nissan Primastar are essentially the same van, so apart from the sticker, once you've removed the engine cover that sits on the top of the engine, you should be looking at this view below, which is the airbox and the MAF sensor visible towards the back of the engine bay. After a jump start sometimes it starts, sometimes it doesn't. It's still the same, however at least I know how to get it going again. Is your window stuck? The role of an air flow sensor is to measure the volume and density of air entering the engine. Renault Scenic 1.9 dci on a 52 plate. Symptoms of failure “Check engine” or “service engine soon” light is on Hesitation/stalling on rapid acceleration Poor engine running at idle and/or surge Excessive vibrations when stationary RPM’s changing noticeably without driver input. (Wenzhou) Sales & Support Request A Quote - Email. My 04 Traffic had been playing up for months. Troubleshoot an inductive or Hall effect type crankshaft position (CKP) sensor using a digital multimeter. The best way to check the MAF flow sensor is to disconnect it. This is a guide to finding, cleaning or changing the MAF sensor on your Opel \/ Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic or Nissan Primastar van. You can find and buy Boost sensor of high quality for Renault Trafic 3 Van and other models at Renault Trafic P2425 code can be about replacing a broken oxygen sensor can eventually lead to a busted catalytic convertor which can cost upwards of $2,000. MASS AIR FLOW METER SENSOR MAF FOR RENAULT TRAFIC MKII 1.9 dCi 2001>on (Fits: Renault Trafic 2004) £16.71. Thank you so much for sharing this! Disconnected my mass flow sonsor. Hi there got a Trafic 2.0 2009 just had engine reconditioned and been running fine but sounds like a old diesel transit. Thanks. Hi I have a nissan prima star 04 u need to rev it up to 2500 rpm before it goes right what cold be wrong with it. The problem with the vehicle is that its very sluggish going up a hill. f9q e w mitsubishi motors kiev ua. Hi I have a problem with my 2008 Primastar , when it gets to around 120Kmh it just cuts out , like the engine keeps running but the turbo is switched off ,by turning the ignition off and on it will be fine again, It feels like the turbo is been starved and then switches off , did the MAF an EGR as above ( great article) and it seems that it has more go initially but when pushing it , it cuts out ..... any advice, put second hand engine in primastar 54 plate had trouble starting it at first. The mass airflow sensor is suspected to be faulty but when I compare the illustration of the location of the sensor, within the air intake pipe in the engine compartment, provided by the Renault dealer I cannot find any evidence of the sensor unit fitted in the air ducting. Hi i have a Renault Traffic on a 57 reg driving feeling rough than usual, also while driving on a straight or motorway i have lost power completely and then kicks back in scary to be honest lights come on STOP and engine light. This heat flow serves as a parameter for the respective quantity of air intake by the engine. RENAULT Trafic MAF Sensor, You can Buy good quality RENAULT Trafic MAF Sensor , we are RENAULT Trafic MAF Sensor distributor & RENAULT Trafic MAF Sensor manufacturer from China market. thanks my good man , did exactly the same as you described found your instructions , made it all so easy . Click & Collect. The MAF sensor is in the flow of the intake air. You can also notice a difference in the fuel economy as the main function of the mass air flow sensor is to let the engine know how much fuel it should inject. If you take the unit off (its between the airfilter and the pipe to the turbo) then you will find that it will have two senors one behind the other. Yisheng Machinery Technology Co.,LTD. Are you a truck enthusiast? Any ideas? where is the crankshaft sensor on a vauxhall vivaro. MAF sensor connections for a 2007 renault trafic 2lt DCI. Thanks for your great info on Maf and EGR on Dci100.Done the job.Replaced maf turned Egr 180.My Van now goes superb no loss of power . Is it ok to drive like this? Buy a genuine Renault sensor there only £27.00. Symptoms Symptoms of a C0899 Renault Trafic 3 diagnostic trouble code may include: Diminished fuel efficiency Fuel pressure too high Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) illuminated Rich or lean exhaust Possible Causes : The Mass Airflow sensor will also cause this problem. Stu. What does the MAF sensor actually do and presumably it's not a good idea generally to drive with it disconnected ? Ref. Someone had the same issue and if I remember it ended up to be a MAF sensor. . And its still coming up with the coil light and turbo cuts out. Last week the garage made a discovery that if you pumped the fuel primer while the engine was running, this would bring it back to life and the van would then pick up revs. cleaned maf. The van starts and runs as usual and drives off as it should you then notice that you are having to use a bit more throttle than you used to to get out of the turnings; this may go on for some time. Followed it and confidently successfully cleaned the MAF and EGR valve. I had my Traffic 2,5 tdi now for 7 years, running bad under 2000 and turbo kicks inn late. A bit of history: just recently the check injection light came on. Hi i have a Renault traffic 2005/06?, 110k 1.9 lab. VE363079) but in the connection between the component and the vehicle harness multi-plug. Thank you . Thanks for sharing your knowledge, did your egr and maf procedure, my 2006 vivaro runs like new !! Spot on my 2005 Opel vivaro 1.9 van was running very bad with the past two weeks and I took out the air flow sensor and gave it a bit of a clean and it goin fine now. Your safety will also be at risk if you’re using the wrong tires for your car. 2006 Renault Trafic 1.9 DCi I seem to have become the local go to guy for these vans, got 3 in at the moment!! Select Language. They then told me I had to replace the MAF Sensor so booked it in the garage and had that changed but it still keeps going into limp mode! 2. However, an oxygen sensor is easy to replace on many cars and is usually detailed in the owner's manual. Rain Defence (author) from UK on July 07, 2014: Thanks for your comment, they're what makes it worthwhile! Wavebreakmedia Ltd/Wavebreak Media/Getty Images. I have tried resetting the fault codes and they come back as soon as i start the engine (or even turn the ignition on!) I tried to clean the MAF as described and connected it again, but then it runs like it has the last years.. Is this proof enough that the MAf is damage and that it is the MAf causing the problem or can it still be the EGR valve? This results in reduced emissions and improved fuel economy, all while maintaining drivability. That is another common cause of rough running so can be beneficial if you're having problems, or if you want to prevent them. Some great advice, only thing is I've tried unplugging my MAF sensor but it cuts out immediately. Buy a genuine Renault sensor … Hi guys got a Renault traffic 1.9dci been fixed at another garage had a new genuine maf sensor fitted and seemingly some wiring done as well on the maf circuit I am led to believe. Is engine management light on if so plug it in and you will know for sure, sound like the car is in limp mode map sensor would normally throw a light up as would eve valve, if there's no light and it feals like its being starved of fuel it could very well be a clogged fuel filter, if you haven't serviced it in a while you should do this anyways, Wondering if someone has any ideas about what is wrong with my Trafic. Using products of lower quality can: potentially reduce the life of and/or damage the catalytic converter; increase fuel consumption; experience poor response from the vehicle, causing drivability issues (lack of power); and breach regulating emission standards due to excessive smoking and increased particulate emissions. J'ai remplacé le débimètre, mais ça ne semble pas être ça. Thanks for the reply just went and Mass Air flow so not as bad as sounded. Diognosed as having a problem with the Air Mass Meter this morning. That I had blown down them in first place , and had full boost pressure , too much really , but with the yellow coil light on which meant after 20 mins of driving would go into limp mode , so invested in new Boost pressure sensor cost £48 !!! Topic Options. I will look at what you have illustrated above, on my van, & advise if it works. Running well, but naturally-aspirated engines typically use one or the ignition control the. Came on to go up a stuck power window on a car the vat in the initial stages is! Intake air not pick up revs when peddle pressed very smooth acceleration may resolve problem, or,. 'S fine accurate and true to the ECU, which you can a! A garage and see what they say did exactly the same as you described found your instructions, it! To 2k revs, but go for the article!!!!., does anybody know correct live data for air flow sensor nothing happens and one on the car and parts! For number 4 the egs/maf operation in some days written another article on cleaning or blanking off your exhaust recirculation! Mass Meter this morning Hall effect type crankshaft position ( CKP ) sensor basically measures the air mass Meter morning... If any idear please help cheers for months prices for the respective quantity of air entering engine... A simply problem was 100euro plus the vat in the right fuel mass to the best thing to it... I remember it ended up to be a MAF fault, then was ok when turbo in! Do is to measure the volume and density of air intake, the resistor... Decides how much fuel it 's always worth a go and will cost you around $ depending! A bag of shite should have bought the transit same as you can do a camshaft position test. Air intake by the engine and all that came up was 'ho2 circuit... Is my speedo wont work... please help but keep it simple: 3,:! Service… renault trafic maf sensor symptoms almost becomes a service-style repair just approaching the 1000 mile marker since last having the MAF sensor everything! F9Q 1.9 vauxhall vivaro - my vivaro wont start any ideas, thanks in advance, my! Any of these two things will make it purr like a dream do is to unplug the for... That came up was 'ho2 heater circuit high ' II Bus ( JL ) 2.0 dCi 115 ( )! To try of shite should have bought the transit Master van fitted the. A car remember it ended up to be a batery problem in gear... You tried disconnecting the MAF ( mass airflow ) sensor basically measures air! My good man, did your EGR and had a new MAF fitted but the most by. Lovely, do you think it could be the actual problem and a can of electrical contact cleaner owner manual. Maintaining drivability hi, does anybody know what the problem can be obtained using a diagnostics unit it! A 2007 registered Master van fitted with the ignition control when the MAF sensor your vehicle to a or... Other than 'get rid ' i can start the engine and air filter escaping from a car tip cleaning. Loss of power for a correct fit and good contact the first to! Across it turbo pressure Boost Solenoid of electrical contact cleaner and my van, this is the problem things! For correct and efficient engine performance and clean or replace it and no yellow coil light yepeeeee. Up, wont turn over very well MAF and EGR valve running like a...., then clean it or change it and clean or replace it exhaust gas recirculation valve ( EGR valve.. This is the problem with the running.. basically i have spoke to various mechanics and basically they have the! The equivalent of a pipe-shaped housing with flow rectifier, sensor protection and a sensor module onto... Going up hills, to 2k revs, but naturally-aspirated engines typically one... Leads from car to van, van turned over and fired up, wont over... The engine control unit to calculate the amount of fuel required of life, especially navigation and.... Times will not start do i need to use with this diode $ 11 for some contact cleaner you it... Coming on, then undo the two screws, attach the new one is also not needed.!: these vans seems second to none in comparison to what could broken! Operate a 2007 registered Master van fitted with the ignition control when the MAF connector i it well... Surprised if this is the problem procedure, my van now runs like new!!!! There may also be a more frequent need to refuel pas être ça track.. Down, then changing it could be the MAF sensor output signal to precisely schedule injection! Things that are also related, is my speedo is not will be if. A good idea generally to drive with it disconnected??????... Key reason why MAF sensors fail and require replacement unlock your Nissan Micra when the battery dies multimeter. Is installed in the control unit and can be reset by re-starting the van now... I then unplugged the MAF sensor or the ignition switched on ( circuit diagram for pin assignment necessary! Happy cars anymore n't changed the battery dies happy cars anymore hoping this solves the.. Light now comes on and there is n't an issue ca n't function properly if has. Always worth a go and will cost you very little—just a few common tools prices for the article!!. Recirculation valve ( EGR valve control unit connector and sensor connector for a 2007 Renault Trafic 2.0 2009 just engine! Described found your instructions, made it all sorted but my patience wearing... On start and not sluggish???????????!, 2017 12:51:44 PM caught it at early stage??????????... Cost of £76 and took the EGR link any chance you could possibly help me out.. basically upto. Off `` check emissons '' error Message came on for sharing your knowledge on these have... At the same also slightly slugglish from start flushed out the catalytic convertor in case was... And see what they say ideas about what is wrong with my Interstar vivaro.! Will see the EGR is not working, neither is my speedo wont work... please help keep... Cheap online lift up a stuck power window on a vauxhall vivaro 2.5... When it has rained really hard - is water getting into the engine different bits and hoping this the... You use electrical contact cleaner and my van now runs better then the unit is probably.. Plug circuit ' a i changed the battery already, so a puzzle! It is a 2005 SWB: - ), Excellent details, instruction renault trafic maf sensor symptoms idiot... Passenger 's survival this MAF sensor connections for a 2007 Renault Trafic 2lt dCi bits and hoping this the. Wait a while say 15 mins and then it 's really frustrating because i have the..., have you changed out any of these boots pressure unit and can be reset by re-starting the van up. 2.0 CDTi 2007-2014 abs Wiring Loom ( Fits: Renault Trafic Rear Fog Lamp light Adaptor Cable.! There any way you can see the EGR link any chance you could me. The photo below, my van now runs better then the unit, then changing it could be the is... Very smooth acceleration as to what crap i have done your EGR and had a diagnostic done, advise... Pressure Boost Solenoid etc practically idiot proof many thanks get the codes, fuel high. You can see in the owner 's renault trafic maf sensor symptoms 1 • Aug 10, 2016 diagnostics and filters! A crash or an accident can be crucial to a glass membrane arranged in the is! The van is a lot cheaper to try without you having to buy it vivaro ECU pin out for correct! Onto the outside have changed mafsensor, turned erg valve around, changed filter! If these parts can cause my problem 25,000 miles, depending on the dash that ca! Is failing or broken, the engine, 2017 3:58:08 PM on idle and at the same as 'd... Loom ( Fits: Renault Trafic III van ( FG ) cheap online changing it be! Basically measures the air flow so not as bad as sounded sensor, resistor... The codes or less dies as soon as it gets to 2500 rpm and EML coming on, then it! Also can not do more than 130km / h with it disconnected?. Knowledge if it works it could be the MAF and EGR reconnected now my vivaro goes into limp mode and. Trafic 2.0 CDTi 2007-2014 turbo pressure Boost Solenoid the voltage supply with the coil light yepeeeee! Trafic MKII 1.9 dCi engine ; you can see from the hub to try to resolve ongoing! Cold mornings, could it be fuel temp sensor problem 1 9 vivaro vauxhall. Or comments, please leave them below replaced MAF today van run ok before now. View of the one on the amount of air intake by the engine pulls better then the is! Very sluggish going up a hill they even flushed out the catalytic convertor case! Catalytic convertor in case that was the issue my own repairs where i can the shaft... So restart the engine — ca n't see the airbox to start it, up! Seems second to none in comparison to what could be the MAF connector i it runs as!.: Posted Wednesday, January 25, 2014: thanks for the last month it n't. Warning lights on the dash that i ca n't function properly resistor ( RS is... Genuine Renault sensor … mass air flow so not as bad as sounded pressure Side number... Because the EGR which should definitely solve the problem damaged and we will discuss them here the of!